Edition 0 expérimental

read Editorial

read 1. Welcome to the "Confluences" Web

read 2. News from the Arab région

read 3. News from the African région

read 4. News from theAmeraca-Latina region

read 5. News from theEuropean region

read 6. The new "UNESCO courrier"

read 7. WFUCA, an NGO member of the NGO Liaison Committee

N° 1 vol. XV

read Editorial

read 1. the Guarland

Poetical reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Right work made on UNESCO club of Siena (Italy) initiative.

read 2. Patrimoine pour une culture de la paix

A project proposed to all the UNESCO Clubs.

read 3. Le geste en liberté

International visual arts competition organised by the Centre for UNESCO Louis François,Troyes, France

read 4. Hanoi Thousand years of culture -The city of peace

An international writing competitionorganised by the State Steering Commission for 1000th Anniversary of Thang Long in coordination with Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Clubs

N° 2 vol. XV

read Editorial

read 1. Feature Campaign

EarthAction's global campaign to stop the use of child soldiers everywhere

read 2. "Youth without barriers"

World Youth Meeting , Manila, Philippines. 27-31 August 2003

read 3. Déclaration of peace from WFUCA

Members of the Executive Board of WFUCA's Declaration, Paris, 19/03/2003

read 4. Educate non discriminate

Preventive education can break the vicious circle between epidemic and HIV / AIDS - related stigma and discrimination

N° 3 vol. XV

read Editorial

read 1. Provisional Agenda of Sixth WFUCA Congress.

Limassol, Cyprus, 5-10 september 2003

read 2. Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity

Enabling Diversity Sustaining Development

read 3. International Year of Fresh Water

Make a splash !

N° 4 vol. XV

read Editorial

read 1. Resolution adopted by the 6th Congress of WFUCA

Cultural Diversity

read 2. Resolution adopted by the 6th Congress of WFUCA

Functionning of WFUCA
Relations with UNESCO
Relations with the National Commissions

read 3. Resolution adopted by the 6th Congress of WFUCA

Appeal for peace

read 4.Members of Executive Board

read 5. List of participants

read 6. Photo Gallery

N°1 Vol. XVI

read 1. Adopted decisions by the members of Executive Board of WFUCA

read 2. Declaration adopted by the participants of 23rd Session
            of the Executive board of WFUCA
in Cerreto Guidi, Tuscany, Italy 4th of march 2004

read 3. 23rd Session of the Executive board of WFUCA : Activities and Projects

Activities and projects with a foreseen meeting 2004-2005
Projects without any foreseen meeting, long term projects

read 4. Photo Gallery

read 5. Using UNESCO's tools

N°2 Vol. XVI

Free Periodical Publications

read article 1
The New Courier of UNESCO
(English, French, Spanish)
Education Today (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic)
The World Heritage Newsletter (English, French)
SHS Newsletter (English, French)
A World of Science (English, French)

Informative Booklets and pedagogical Handbooks published by the different Sectors

read article 2. Education
Catalogue of documents on education (English, French, Spanish)
Education in and for conflict (English, French, Spanish)
Best practices of non-violent conflict resolution in and out-of-school (English, French)
Introducing Democracy, 80 questions and answers (English, Spanish)
Human Rights: questions and answers (English, French, Spanish)
Literacy, Gender and HIV/AIDS (English, French)

read article 3. culture
Struggle against slavery (English, French)
The Sahara of Cultures and People (English, French)
All different, All Unique (English, French)
Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity (English, French)
Brief description of the 754 properties inscribed on the World Heritage List 2003 (English, French)

read article 4. Environment
Best Ethical Practice in water use (English, French)

read article 5. Youth
UNESCO youth-friendly Guide to UNESCO
(English, French, Spanish)

Pédagogic tools sold or free

read article 6. Education
Kit "HIV/ AIDS and Human Rights" (English, French, Spanish, Russian)
AIDS and Theatre (English, French, Spanish, and Arabic in 2005)
Culture of democracy: a challenge for schools (English, French, Spanish)
All human beings… (English, French, Arabic)
Tolerance - the threshold of peace (English, French, Spanish)

read article 7. Culture
Kit World Heritage (English, French)

read article 8. Environnement
Kit on combating desertification (English, French, Spanish, Arabic)
Kit (EDEN) - Choose the Future (French)
Terra (English, French, Spanish, German)

read article 9. Youth
Kit YouthXchange (English)


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